Success of the networking dinner organised during Itma  

On June 24th 2019 the project team took part in the EU-TEXTILE2030 Networking Dinner, organised by, the Textile Innovation Cluster based in Biella (Italy).

The networking Dinner was held in Barcelona during ITMA, the world’s most established textile and garment technology exhibition.

The event has been a great success, with the participation of 58 people, of which 44 representing companies. All the EU-TEXTILE2030 cluster managers took part in the dinner, together with three members of the External Advisory Board: Braz Costa (from the Portuguese technological center CITEVE), Steve Kay (from the English cluster NWTEXNET) and Aldo Tempesti (from the Italian association TEXCLUBTEC).

During the dinner the representatives of companies had the opportunity to get in touch with companies from the most important countries working in textile sector, members of EU-TEXTILE2030 clusters: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The dinner was also a good opportunity to discuss about the next two missions organised in the framework of EU-TEXTILE2030 project, to Japan (4-7 September, 2019) and Taiwan (4-11 October, 2018).