EU-TEXTILE2030 Colombia, Part III

Discovering the Colombian textile ecosystem

Visiting the UPB university at the beginning of the week the first encounter of EU-TEXTILE2030 with Colombian research for the textile industry. During the second part of the week, the clusters extended their visit to companies, training service and development agency.

A history of textile and innovation in Colombia

The visits took EU-TEXTILE2030 a couple of minutes away from the city of Medellin, in Bello and then Itagüi, to visit new potentiel partners and learn more about the textile industry in Colombia:

  • FABRICATO and the CIUDAD FABRICATO facility, with the offices and the 2.000+ employees of an almost self-sustainable facility making fabrics, denim, knits and nonwovens for casual and professional clothing
  • EXPORARO,  a clothing producer for major international brands with a strong focus on trends, sustainability and social impact
  • SENNA, the national service for training and its facilities for textile and industrial management

The last meeting was with the public development agency of Medellin RUTA N, that creates the appropriate environment for developing innovation, business and entrepreneurship. RUTA N gathers companies, clusters, laboratories in an entire building complex in the center of the city, for favoring projects development.