EU-TEXTILE2030 goes from 2018 to November 2019, and follows up the actions undertaken with the EU-TEXTILE2020 project that ended in 2014, with the development of a world-class cluster for advanced textile materials (ATM) by 7 cluster partners.

The EU-TEXTILE2030 project has multiple goals:

  • To create a European Meta Cluster on advanced textile materials
  • To increase the international competitiveness of European textile companies
  • To develop business and technological partnerships with collective missions in 4 areas: Colombia, South Africa, Israel and Japan-Taïwan-South Korea

Our industrial focus

The 7 cluster partners of the EU-TEXTILE2030 project are focused on the advanced textile materials industry, providing textile solutions with specific functions as the prime criteria for various applications.

The application markets of advanced textiles are health, industry, clothing, agriculture, geo-textiles, infrastructures, transports, protection, packaging, furniture, and sports

Planned activities

From March to October 2019, the EU-TEXTILE2030 will:

  • Offer market studies for ATM regarding the 4 targeted areas
  • Organise collective missions for companies member of the 7 cluster partners, in each of the targeted areas; the missions will take place during important fairs/conferences relevant to the ATM industry:
    • Israel: 25-28 March,2019
    • Japan: 7-9 September, 2019
    • Taiwan: 14-18 October, 2019
  • Officially establish EU-TEXTILE2030 as a European cluster association for the ATM industry, with headquarters in Brussels and the development of a short and mid-term strategy


Information regarding the organisation of the different missions will soon be revealed, follow our news page on this website to stray up to date! In case of need, please send us an email to info@eu-textile2030.eu.

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